How we test

How are product tests carried out at cdcb? Which requirements for a product must be met in order for a product test to be realized at all? How are products tested?


How authentic are published tests on cdcb?

Fake test pages are the plague. Unfortunately, there are still too many fake test platforms where readers and customers are fooled into testing products, but finding no evidence that the faked tests actually took place.

Authenticity is an important pillar of the health brand cdcb. You will not find fake tests here . All tests on cdcb are actually carried out under real conditions.

Some cdcb test principles at a glance:

  • Use of real test objects
  • Real photos created during the test
  • Information on test conditions and the performance of the test (fulfillment of the test criteria)

 Learn more about distinguishing fake and fake test pages from real tests and real test pages.

How are products selected for testing?

The selection of the test objects can come about in different ways. In the first place are test objects which we use ourselves or have bought ourselves. But there are also products under the microscope, which are sent to us specifically for this purpose by manufacturers.

With regard to our test principles, all test objects are treated equally . It does not matter if we have purchased a product ourselves or if a product is sent to us by the manufacturer for testing purposes. Our tests are always equally objective.

That our objectivity is guaranteed can be confirmed by companies from which we have already tested test objects.

How are products tested?

Unboxing and first impression

At the beginning of the test, the first impression of the product is evaluated. If we receive a product of a company in a package, then the packaging is also checked and it is inspected in what condition the product reached us (unboxing).

First check more importantly of the product of expected characteristics

After the product has been removed from the package, important properties expected of a product are subjected to an initial test. In the case of knives, for example, it is first tested how sharp the blade is right after the first unpacking (shaving test, cutting test).

Intensive test

After these initial tests, the product is examined more intensively and its performance properties are now scrutinized. Positive characteristics are listed in the review as well as any negative points.

Optional: long-term test

For some products, a long-term test may occur. This can happen if a specific product is used longer by us. By means of the long-term test, properties are recognized that can only arise during longer test periods.

Countries we have made reviews for

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