To maintain a high standard of integrity in data collection systems providing data for the National Dairy Genetic Evaluation Program(GEP) database; to provide data to AIPL for use in research and education, including the development of effective procedures for estimating the genetic merit of dairy animals; to provide data and summaries of information to research and extension personnel, and to others for educational purposes as appropriate; to improve the genetic merit and production efficiency of U.S. dairy cattle; and to enhance the world market competiveness of the U.S. dairy industry.

CDCB Staff Contact List

Office Line: 240-334-7744

João Dürr
CDCB Chief Executive Officer
email: [email protected]
Ext: 311
Dave Ashley
CDCB Systems Administrator
email: [email protected]
Ext: 300

H. Duane Norman
CDCB Technical Advisor and Industry Liaison
email: [email protected]
Ext: 315
Leigh Walton
CDCB Technical Applications Manager
email: [email protected]
Ext: 314

Jay Megonigal
CDCB Data Scientist
email: [email protected]
Ext: 312

Marius Temzem
CDCB Database Administrator
email: [email protected]
Ext: 318

Kaori Tokuhisa
CDCB Genomic Data Analyst
email: [email protected]
Ext: 313

Rohith Shetty
CDCB Programmer
email: [email protected]
Ext: 320

Kendra Randall
CDCB Administrative Assistant
email: [email protected]
Ext: 310


History pages include information about the history of US dairy evaluations, dairy evaluations in the United States, and past AIPL research staff.